Why install you new multi-fuel stove now?

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Why get your stove installed in the summer?

The most popular time to buy a stove tends to be in the autumn, when the cooler temperatures and shorter days focuses people’s attention towards keeping warm and spending more time in doors. So why would you buy a stove or fire in the summer?

As winter approaches, most reliable stove stores are booked through the autumn season. Get a jump on the smart trend of cutting winter costs by adding a new wood-burning or multi-fuel stove, fireplace insert or gas fireplace to your home this summer.

There are some very good reasons for this:


Time is on your side:

When people want a stove or fire fitted, there is often a rush to have it installed in time for Christmas, or at least before the really cold weather sets in. Installers are often under significant pressure during these busy periods, and so sometimes there can be a longer than expected waiting time, especially so if you want it fitted as soon as possible. By having a stove or fire fitted in the summer means there is much less of a rush, you also have the luxury of having a wider choices of available dates for fitting.


Appropriate weather:

There’s also the matter of outside weather conditions to consider. Depending on the sort of install you’re having done, there’s a good chance the technician completing the job will have to spend at least some of his or her time outside—inspecting the current state of your fireplace and flue, for instance. And the more inclement the weather, the longer it’ll probably take that tech to wrap up the job and leave you to enjoy your home’s latest addition. Completing labour when the weather is clear is simply quicker and easier for everyone involved.


Potential increase your savings:

Although we do not slash the cost of our stoves and fires during quiet periods, which is sometimes the case with other industries, in the summer months the chances of potential savings on certain product ranges can increase. This is especially so with some end of line ranges, which are often phased out during the quieter times, to make way for the new to range items in the autumn months. These end of line stock can sometimes be sold with a discount depending on the decision made by the showroom at any given time.


All-in-all having a stove or fire fitted in the summer makes a lot of sense for a wide range of reasons. Generally you have more time, a potentially greater range of products to choose from, with a wider range of fitting dates, which can be based around your own requirements.

Don’t wait until the days of summer have turned into autumn. Make your move now, and once the crisp weather arrives, you’ll be enjoying the natural warmth of a fireplace in cozy, comfortable style.

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