About Us

Swainson and Cowins are a family-run company. We deal in the sale of domestic and wholesale solid fuels.

We believe in doing things the right way to provide quality products and exceptional service and are dedicated to maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.

Our success to date has been achieved only with the dedication of our colleagues, from delivery drivers to retail assistants and office staff. Our employees hold the skills and attitude needed to continue our great service.

How we started!

In early 2015, John Swainson of T E Swainson Coal Merchants Penrith decided he was ready to retire and sell his business. A few months later, R D Cowins Coal Merchants in Culgaith decided to concentrate on their Hazeldene Garden Centre venture and sold their coal business. 

Pearsons of Duns Ltd, based in the Scottish Border, had been looking to expand the family-run business to the Cumbria area. The company bought both T E Swainson and R D Cowins and merged them as Swainson and Cowins, later that year.

Pearsons wanted to expand and to bring the customer service and relationship that they have developed over the years to their new venture. 

Delivery Improvements

In May 2023, following the House Coal Ban in England and the global impact of spiralling energy costs, the delivery method was changed to provide a lighter, easier to handle palletised coal delivery solution at a lower price point for customers.  Palletised by a robot into sealed bags, customers are also getting the correct weight of product delivered in a shorter time frame to our traditional two week turnaround.