Fuel Guide

Smokeless Fuel

Smokeless Fuel has been engineered to produce no smoke when burned, it will give approx. one third more heat than house coal and burn at a slower rate, making smokeless fuel very economical. The burning of Smokeless Fuel releases a lower amount of carbon emissions.

Our most popular Smokeless Fuel is Hot Ovoids which provides a good consistent heat and gives a minimal ash, closely followed by Mixed Ovoids.

House Coal

House Coal is ideal for open fires, but not recommended for stoves and other closed appliances (Ovoids are a popular alternative). Available in small, medium and large, House Coal provides a consistently high heat, low ash levels and a long flame. Please note this coal is not for use in Smoke Control Areas and since 1st May 2023 is no longer available for sale in England.

Wood Fuels

Swainsons & Cowins are Approved Wood Fuel Merchants, the scheme lays down the basic standard of service for wood fuel retailers. This means that customers buying wood fuel from a Scheme member, like Swainson & Cowins, can be confident that the fuel is correctly described and that the advice provided on the safe and efficient use of wood burning appliance is certified.

Kiln - Dried Hardwood Logs are ideal for immediate use on open fires and stoves, they are usually only 5%-15% moisture (but within 5%-20%). They are hotter burning than seasoned logs and burn with a bright manageable flame.

We don’t sell hardwood by weight, because to us, this is unfair to customers. This is due to the fact that, the more recently they have been cut, the more they weigh. Burning inadequately seasoned wood fuel with high moisture content is both inefficient and highly detrimental to the flue system. It could ultimately lead to blockage of the flue, ruin of a masonry chimney fore or perforation of a metal flue system by corrosion.

Traditional Soft Wood Logs are very low in moisture, usually less than 15% (but within 5%-20%). Comprising of pine, larch and spruce, these logs are easy to light and burn quicker due to their higher tar content.

Hotmax Heat Logs are easy to use, generate high levels of heat, give off low emissions and will give consistent quality. An ideal fuel for your wood-burner, multi-fuel stove, open fire, BBQ or Chiminea.


Natural Burning Peat gives low carbon emissions and is one of the cheapest fuels available. It is easy to light, clean burning and gives an unique aroma. Ideal for use on both open fires and multi fuel stoves.