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Notice of Restructuring

Shop Closure & Change in Delivery Method 28th May 2023

Dear Valued Customer,

After many years of serving, you both as a cash and carry and traditional coal delivery supplier; we have taken the difficult decision to close the shop at Myers Lane in Penrith and restructure our delivery method from 28th May 2023. The decision was taken largely down to external costs spiralling out with our control & a decrease in traffic to our cash & carry.

We will continue to sell Coal Ovals & Firewood online via From 28th May, orders will be delivered on a pallet within 2-4 days from order to the nearest hardstanding area that we can access with a pallet truck. This delivery option will be available to order in lighter, easier to handle 10kg or 20kg sealed bags, ensuring you get the correct weight.  They are also easy to store or cut and tip out.

 As we are restructuring and are reducing our handling of the product, we have managed to lower our price per bag to you. That means; we can supply Hot Ovoids below £30 per 50kg bag! Our website will be updated on 28th May 2023 to this effect!


(delivered in 50kg bags)

Current Price

Hot Ovoids

New Equivalent

(delivered in 10 or 20kg bags)

New Price

Hot Ovoids

5 bags


¼ pallet

(25 x 10kg or 13 x 20kg)


10 bags


½ pallet

(50 x 10kg, or 25 x 20kg)


20 bags


1 pallet

(100 x 10kg or 50 x 20kg)



Pallets will be delivered via a local 3rd party haulier with a tail lift and can be left on a level surface or kerbside.  The empty pallet can be kept by you or returned on your next delivery. Please note, we will no longer deliver direct to your coal bunker/shed via this new delivery method.

We have customers who have concerns about other merchants that may not be delivering the correct weights in open sacks.  We therefore urge you to request sealed bags from whichever supplier you chose if you don’t take the above option. You can then check the weight and be sure you’ve been sold the correct weight and are getting the right amount of kilograms for the price paid.

For future bottled gas requirements and to enjoy uninterrupted service please contact Harle Peel Bottled Gas (Penrith). You will be able to contact them by calling our existing number 01768 862455 or directly at their northern head office on 0191 4561083. We're confident Harle Peel will continue to uphold our strong reputation within the local community.

Thank you for your custom over the years, and many apologies we cannot continue in the traditional way of delivering to you & with our old cash and carry collection service. 

Kind regards

Garry Pearson


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